Art by Mel Oppenheim



Art by mel.

Hi I’m Mel and I love to make all kinds of art from illustrations to silkscreens, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and films. Have a browse and please reach out with any questions or inquiries.



Featuring a mix of film photography, acrylic inks, water color, and silkscreening, I have one of a kind, original pieces available on my site and Instagram. Shout (before someone else does!) if you see something you like. I take on commissions as well.



Transporting you to an enchanting, fantastical (+ usually animal-filled!) world, I often create illustrations for custom stationery, and event projects, including weddings and baby showers.


Confetti Vases

I have always had an obsession with planters. So, I’ve embarked on creating some of my own — made of brass and sprinkled with funky stones. I’ll have a limited run of these this Spring 2019. Let me know if you want a heads up!



Designing made-to-order, custom Moon Disc pendants that celebrate the importance of trying new things and serve as a reminder to enjoy life to the fullest.