Art by Mel Oppenheim


Progress Pavilion

For International Women’s Day 2018, Mel produced and co-designed a pop up installation built by women for women. In partnership with Pop Up Florist and SheWeld, the group installed a 1-week experience that invited people to enter an open air pavilion and customize it with their hopes and dreams for the world. To see what this looked like in the wild see #progrespavilion and #pressforprogress on Instagram.

Love is Love Wall

In an effort to raise awareness around diversity and #PRIDE in NYC, Mel produced and co-built a permanent installation at the Facebook NY office on the 15th floor entitled, “Love is Love.” This wall is made of thousands of plastic flowers in the shape of a heart and is a regularly photographed landmark in the Facebook office for visitors.

Facebook Friends

Ty, Inc., was one of the first companies in the world to launch a business-to-consumer website in the 90s. The purpose: to allow people to learn more about their furry friend’s origin stories. In an effort to celebrate the democratization of information and connectivity of people (even if in Ty’s case it was people to toy!), we designed and built a color-blocked wall of beanie babies. This installation hangs at Facebook NY on the 8th floor.

Significant Others

Significant Others is a fun, nostalgic photography book featuring a series of Harvard college students and their stuffed animal stowaways that followed a handful of 20-somethings to school. The original photography in the book showcases portraits of each student juxtaposed with a formal portrait of his or her cherished friend. 

While it Lasts

In partnership with Miami artist Jessy Nite and plant boutique Plant the Future, Mel produced a three part illustration entitled, “While it Lasts,” for Miami Basel 2017. The commissioned project came to life at an intimate creative salon at the Miami Beach House. The pieces on display, built of (1) mirrored plexi, (2) moss, and (3) light and shadow, provoked a conversation around ephemerality and the creative process and experience.