Art by Mel Oppenheim



Custom Heraldry

Dating back to the 12th century, heraldry - in the form of coats of arms, crests, and other decorated insignia, were used to identify one another’s alliances and ancestries. Today, we are able to borrow from ancient history, and reimagine how heraldry can be used to bring events, branding, and occasions of all kinds to life in fantastically ornamental and glamorous ways. Mel is able to partner closely with clients to identify illustrative elements to design one’s own unique, original medallion and illustrative elements.


a customized emblem

Mel works closely with couples and families to design a lush and reflective emblem that can be used to decorate wedding stationery, event details, and branded logos.

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ornamental details

A custom wedding emblem pairs nicely with original artwork pieces that can be used to design a cohesive event. For weddings, ornamental details are typically applied to rsvp cards, dinner menus, photo booth decals, and wedding programs.

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