Some FAQs

I saw a piece of art on Mel's Instagram (@art_by_mel), is it for sale? 

It very well might be! Send us a note as soon as you can with the link to the post or name of the piece you're interested in, and we can provide you with details.

I've ordered a piece of art. How long will it take to arrive?

Typically Mel's pieces will take 2 weeks to arrive. Some times things go quicker, but 2 weeks is usually our safest bet.

I need a piece faster than 2 weeks. What are my options?

Two options here: 1. Send us a message pre-check out. Let us know of your time constraints and we'll give you an honest response if we can meet your deadline. We'll do our absolute best to meet your art needs! 2. You can request rush shipping at checkout. Again, send us a note letting us know of your time frame so we are aware of the date.

I want to order a custom piece. What now?

Great! Send us a message by navigating to the Commissions page. We have produced a number of special projects and are always excited to take on another. When putting together your note to us, please try to be as specific as possible - do you already have an image in mind you'd like Mel to work with? If so, what is it of and how large is the image? Do you have that image digitally saved? What are the time constraints on the project? How large is your desired product? You get it -- the more info, the better.

I want to order a piece in the store at a different size than is listed. What should I do?

No problem. Please get in touch with us by sending us a note. Let us know which piece and what size you had in mind. 

Terms of Service

All Art by Mel prints and products are final sale. All Art by Mel Oppenheim prints and products purchased through 3rd party vendors so they are non-exchangeable and non-returnable through our site. Please refer to the 3rd party vendor’s terms and conditions for any issues with your order.

Return Policy

Any damaged or incorrect Art by Mel Oppenheim prints or products, purchased on our site, are eligible for replacement. We require all damaged and incorrect prints/products to be returned for replacement. We must receive written notification as well as photo evidence of damages within 20 days of receiving item. After 20 days, we will no longer replace an item. Please contact for assistance.