Art by Mel Oppenheim



Hi! I’m mel.

And I love to make all kinds of art — illustrations, paintings & mixed media work, films(!!), and most recently handmade jewelry & sculptures. Check out some of my work below and get in touch with questions or if you’d like to purchase something that catches your eye.



Featuring a mix of film photography, acrylic inks, water color, and silkscreening, I have one of a kind, original pieces available on my site and Instagram. Shout (before someone else does!) if you see something you like. I take on commissions as well.



Transporting you to an enchanting, fantastical (+ usually animal-filled!) world, I often create illustrations for custom stationery, and event projects, including weddings and baby showers.



Designing fun, immersive, in-person experiences, I love to bring ideas on paper to life IRL. This one is called the #ProgressPavilion which was built as a 2 week pop up for Int’l Women’s Day 2018 in NYC.



Producing cinema vérité films that explore non-traditional interpretations of “home” in twenty-first century America, my latest film, Happiest Guy in the World, premiered at the TriBeCa Film Festival.